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"Yoga Instructonal Productions" filmed at Golden Bridge, Hollywood

"Stephen Perkins" (drummer from Jane's Addiction) instructional video for IMV LLC 

"Designing Tour Home Studio" with Grammy Award Winning Engineer/Producer Francis Buckley; Director, Allen Kaufman

"The Pit Workout",  instructional video with John Hackleman; Director, Victor Sellinger

"LAPD SWAT Training Video", So Central LA; Director, Stephen Grudenic ATV (57) 



Yae! Organics; Star Ford of Glendale;; Hip Hop SouthAfrica; Universal Studios; 24 Hour Fitness; Daniels Jewelers



"Tokenize! Conference"; Key Note Speaker: Brock Pierce (Actor; Entrepreneur in Cryptocurrency; 2020 Presidential Candidate); (Cam Op)

"Hermès", Branding segment; (DP)

"CoinAGENDA", Conference (Cam Op)

"MAS Media"; (Camera Op)

"Melzer Decker Ruder Architects" / International; (DP)

"CannMed Conference; (Camera Op)

"Abbson"; PTZ Cam Op

"Rently", Beverly Boy

"Econo Air Mizer", 

"Trak Machine Tools - SW Industries"

"Dental Views"

"RSA" - conference

"Empowery" - conference

"Data Science Salon" - conference

"Greenlight Women" - conference

“Gold Is A Better Way"; Infomercial; (DP)

"36th International Machine Learning Conference"

"RSA Conference” (Informa Productons) San Francisco

"Social Innovation Summit 2019"

"RainMaker Optimize 2017"

"Meritage Homes Town Hall"

"Activison" various productions

"Dr. Fulbright", dentist

"Gizmo Media", Tech productions

"Dr. Kiyan Mehdizadeh", dentist

"Cathay Bank"; All In One Productions

“Liana Chaouli”, 4 day Conference @Hyatt Indian Wells

"Victory Outreach International Conference" (multi-cam prod)

"The First Look" (marketing), NCM Productions; Yahoo

"Sister Giant 2015”, with Marianne Williamson; Muti-Cam Live Stream production on a Political Platform

"Gabrille Bernstein", Motivational Speaker, Life Coach, and Author; filming live Speaking Productions.

"Samsung" - trade show @San Diego C. Center

"Trivedi" - 4 day conference @Westin LAX

"Brincatti"  - Infomercial; Director, Jimmy Alioto, camera and editor

"AOL Latino"; Tu Voz; Infomercial; Director, Francisco Bulgarelli;  camera and editor

"Ameriprise Advertising; sound and editor

"CABi" (Carol Anderson Clothing), Director, Ethan Higbee

"Do Something.Org", Producer, Jordyn Wells;  

"Sun West Mortgage", Infomercial; Director, Bob Mardis (Fat Chance Films) 

"AKC Eukanuba Dog Show" for Eukanuba 

"IEEE MTT 2010" International Microwave Symposium Conference 

"IB5k Corp", dir. Francisco Bulgarelli

"Automobile Infomercials"; Power Nissan, Hawthorne


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