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Client Responses

"Congratulations to our camera man Jimmy Alioto for winning Best Cinematography for our documentary Skin Deep “Formulating a Legacy” An eight year journey and very well deserved. Congrats buddy."......Vincent Spinnato

***The below comment is from The Grove LA. They wrote to Joel (Joel's the Video Director and hired the camera crew which I was a part of)......This was regarding the Andy Grammar and X Ambassadors concerts....

"Joel....Your camera work and direction last night was befitting of an arena show.  In fact, I think it was better!  I heard from so many guests during the concert how impressed they were by the camera direction and on the fly editing."


"So awesome! And a testimony of your leadership! The way you called the cuts today- really helped to bring the best out of each person. You gave amazing direction (on the spot!), while maintaining an engaging and comfortable atmosphere for every operator. The energy of the team was great. Grateful for your partnership. Couldn’t do it without you!!.......Julian Webb, Director, Technical Arts and Media; The Church on the Way


"Thank You Jimmy for all of your hard work and for being such an amazing part of our team! Words can not describe how grateful our platform is to have you on our team.".........Erik Rosete, Art Hearts Fashion

"Thanks Jimmy. you were're on the team!"....PJM Productions

Jimmy.....Joseph's happy with the Activisionaries footage. Great job buddy!"......PK


Jimmy… Got some great shots from yesterday. Tons of potential. I wanted to thank you again for all your hard work and always

going the extra mile. I really couldn't do this without you.  Above and beyond that I'm so very grateful for our friendship – project or not. Thanks for just "being there"....Allen Kaufman, director, Sunlight Digital


"Your camera work was great last Friday! I had the wide stuff covered and your fast camera switching worked out really well!...Paul Antico


"Awwwwww.......thank you Jimmy!!!!! I absolutely love the footage. You are genius!".....Germany Kent


"Jimmy---dude, we were singing your praises the entire time we were editing.  Honestly, you came through in such amazing fashion.  Thanks again for all your hard work and I'll definitely have you in the Rolodex for when something else comes up.....Ruman, Director


Your shots look great and you had wonderful ideas about what coverage to get---really made my job easier."I had such an amazing time working with all of you on ("Amber & Crystal's South Dakota Adventure" and "Isis Hospitality Group") productions. Truly I really really loved every bit of it. Oh my God, I felt really good about the work. We are all so on the money with getting the shots in, and being A to B.  Thanks you guys! xxoooxxoxo....Camille Solari, Actor, Writer


Jimmy, Thanks for all your help making this video, I really appreciate it!....Sasha Brookner


"Brilliant!!...Thank you!!".....Mark Gasbarro, Gasbarro Music Group


 "Fantastic Work!!".......Margie Russomanno, Singer, Songwriter 


"When it comes to building a team of filmmakers, Jimmy sets a standard for the type of people you want to work with time and time again. He loves people and what he does...and it shows in his work behind the camera.".....Linzie McG, Creator & Ex. Producer 


"We got some great-looking footage from Rudy's Total Access session; thank you, again, for all your hard work, your can-do attitude, and your spirit of friendship and support".....Allen Kaufman, Sunlight Digital


"GREAT JOB Jimmy!".....Annabella Åsvik, Director, Producer


"AWESOME!! It was shot beautifully, very detailed, and you'll be happy to know that it is it's own ACT in the film. Thank you again!!".....Junius R. Hughes, One Cor Productions


"A gigantic, huge thank you for putting so much into the "Ajuku Girls Music Video"...It’s so refreshing and nice to work with someone like you who has a total I can do attitude.....Suzy Sachs, Director 


"The entire show was a success...It was the best Speak On It production that I have done over the past five years...And, I beleive it occurred because of each of you!"......Joshua Fredenburg, President of Vision XY 


"Thank you for your professionalism, artistic eye, amazing shots and hard work!!"......Bobby Mardis, Fat Chance Films


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