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"Extra'D"; Narrative; DP

"Easter Is Real: Tales of the Risen Savior"; Documentary  (DP; Editor) Release Date: 2023

"Midnight Ride of Jonathan Luna"; (2nd Unit); (Camera Op)

"OneRepublic Concert" for Documentary; PJM Productions (camera op)

"TLC Concert" for Documentary; PJM Productions (camera op)

"Harry & Meghan: A Modern Royal Romance" (camera op)

"Skin Deep: Formulating A Legacy  (Vincent Spinnato”; Documentary; (DP)

"KGB / FBI"; various scenes

"Como Le Digo", (short film); (Spanish); (camera)

"Blessed", for Generation Recovery (music video) (camera)

"Nick Young", (LA Lakers); (reality)(camera)

"Keyshia Cole"; (Singer); (reality) (camera)

"The Superheroines", (webisodes); (camera)

"Kile and Shay", (webisode); (DP)

"The Right Path", (short); dir: Taras Bambaev; DP

"Christmas Is Real" documentary, DP; Editor 

"Get It While You Can", (short) (director of photography)

"Three Paces Flat", (short); dir: Ruman Kazi, (nominated for Best Cinematography and Original Score)

"Three Days of Hamlet", (documentary); dir. Alex Hyde-White; principals: Richard Chamberlain; Stefanie Powers; (Winner of 2 Awards: Eugene      International Film Festival 2012: "Best Art Feature" and International Family Film Festival 2012  "Best Feature Film - Documentary"

"1 Million Views", (short); (Lighting Director)

"My Country", DP & Editor on music video for PJ Levy; Director, Susan Munao & Jimmy Alioto 

"The Cure", (short) DP for 168 Film Project; (won for best Make-Up)

"Quiero" & "Miedosa y Timida", DP & Editor music videos for Jose Alonzo and Rosalino Records; dir. Sara Tello

"Global Operation", DP on episodic: "Age of Innocence", Creator & Executive Producer,Linzie McG, 

"Tokyo Drift",  musc video for Ajuku Girls; Director, Suzy Sachs

"Grand Dates" (Pilot); prod: Rodney Wilson; (DP)

"She's Got Mine", music video for Mark Ludmer; shot partially on Green Screen; Director, Allen Kaufman 

"The Weekend", DP on music video for Hip-Hop Rapper Booda; Shot on Green Screen. Director, Joey Medina.

"Real TV Freaks",  DP on RealTVFilms productions

"Kevin O'Neil Group" Taping of his band  @Alva's in San Pedro. director, Allen Kaufman

"Children of Fire", (Indie Award winning documentary) Director, Junius R. Hughes 

"Silence / Rudy Leonardo"; EPK, director, Allen Kaufman

"Beverly Hills Salon", DP on Web Series; Director, Gil Hacohen 

"Valley Girl", Reality; DP on Web Series; Director, Jameel Saleem 

"Enemies Closer", DP on this Web Series. Director, Shelley Pack

"Psychics in L.A.", (documentary); Written and Director, Elisa Manzini; Producer, Ferliz Productions / Italy

"The Hoop Masters Show", (basketball documentary) Executive Producer, Tannaz Kamran-Rahbar 

"I Hate You; Don't Leave Me", Written and Directed by Rob Macie.

"Football Documentary", (Hoplite Pictures). Explores the subculture of Minor League Football 



"LashCon 2021; 2022 Multi-Cam Director - Live Streaming Conference

"2022 Art Hearts Fashion / LA Fashion Week...Multi-Cam Director (4 cameras); Live Streaming Runway 

"Caleb Quaye", concert; (Elton John; Paul McCartney; Hall & Oats, etc..)

"Jazz/Latin Concert w/musician greats: Abraham Laboriel; Pedro Eustache; Mark Gasbarro

"2014 - 2022 Christmas Concerts"; muti-cam (6 cameras) Live Streaming production"

"2014-15 Style Fashion Week..Multi-Cam Director (7 cameras) Live Streaming Runway and Media Lounge

"Open Hands" concert, multi-cam (5 cameras) production

"We Got Talent", multi-cam (5 cameras) production

"King's University Conference and Concert", multi-cam (3 cameras) live production; also, Streamed Live

"The Church on the Way" Sunday and Wednesday Services; multi-cam (6 cameras) live production; also Streamed Live


"Exposed Wealth" King Bach; Podcast - 14 episodes

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